Pauline Searle Background


I now work mainly as a BWRT Practitioner, based on the latest findings in neuro science.  I am a Hypnotherapist/Analyst and also an EMDR Practitioner.  As a Hypnotherapist & Hypnoanalyst I initially studied with the International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts and abide by their code of ethics and practice.  Their name is now the International Association of Evidence Based Practitioners.  For many years now I have worked as a Hypnotherapist helping people to deal with any problems that are stress related, including those deep seated problems which arise from childhood.  For details of Hypnosis and Hypno-Therapy please see my "Hypnosis page & Therapy" page.

I also work as a Counsellor.  I began my counselling career by studying Psycho-Dynamic Counselling at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation in 1996.  I then studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming. After this I became very interested in working with addiction and in 1998 I started studying Reality Therapy and achieved my Basic Intensive Certificate and my Advanced Intensive Certificate. I then went on to study on a one year Post Graduate's course at Clouds House, Wiltshire for the Post Graduate's Certificate in Addiction Counselling. I have also been working in the field of addiction for over eleven years as a full time Addiction Counsellor and Family Therapist. 

As a counsellor I am a member of the BACP, which means that I adhere to their codes of practice and ethics. I also completed the Certificate of Proficiency with them.  Within my counselling practice I use an Integrative model of counselling. This incorporates Reality Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, plus Psycho-Dynamic models and WSN Counselling and Coaching. I have a small private practice, where I work with all client groups and use a humanistic, integrative approach, when counselling.

I am an EMDR Practitioner.  This therapy enables me to work with Post Traumatic stress disorder, along with any other stress or anxiety based disorder.

I have also completed Stress Consultant's courses.



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