There are TWO entirely different treatments using conscious hypnosis:

This is used for simpler problems such as smoking, nail-biting, pre-test nerves, slimming, relaxation, confidence boosting, etc.  These simpler problems normally require only one session with perhaps a booster later on. 
For stopping smoking I have a 98% success rate with only ONE session.  Occasionally, however, there could be some deep seated reason for this habit and you will need more than one session.  I will tell you if this is so at the free initial consultation. 


This is used to discover CAUSES of psychological problems (and, of course, one does mix the two therapies.)

Hypno-Analysis can be summarised briefly as the doctrine of cause and effect, every effect (the symptom) must have a cause. Hypno-Analysis reveals and thus removes the cause, and consequently relieves the

Emotional problems respond particularly well to Conscious Hypno-Analysi. The object of Analysis is to bring you to a moment of surprising and liberating enlightenment, and one can be fairly confident that a release will be obtained , usually within eight to twelve sessions of Analysis. With these cases we are talking about a complete and lasting release, by finding and removing originating causes  as opposed to mere control of symptoms by suggestion.

There is no reason why anyone should put up with something inside themselves but outside their control. Provided they are prepared to devote time, money, effort and self-discipline to be free of their problem. The use of Conscious Hypnosis dramatically speeds up Analysis, and similar results can be achieved in approximately eight weekly sessions as would be expected from a more conventional 1000 hour Analysis.


Should you wish to discuss your problems, or feel you would like a greater explanation of the procedures involved before embarking on therapy, please phone me and ask for my FREE Initial Consultation. This consultation involves making an appointment to come and see me and usually lasts for approximately half an hour.  To arrange this contact me on :- Tel. No. 020 8723 5840.


(For Smoking, Losing Weight, Nail Biting, Pre-Test/Exam Nerves., Confidence, Relaxation, etc)

This usually requires one or perhaps two session,. It may even be possible for two or three friends to attend together. A boost session may be recommended after an interval.

Sessions normally last one hour


(For all problems other than those treated with Suggestion Therapy)

* Usually requires eight to twelve separate weekly sessions of approximately 50 minutes each. This is a totally private and individual therapy.
* Note: This is an approximate average of the number of sessions required

 I hope this web page helps you to understand that, as Hypno-Therapists/Hypno-Analysts, we deal with many, many problems. You can be sure, however, that whether you are a modest smoker merely needing a little help to stop smoking, or a suicidal melancholic, feeling that you have little to live for, you will receive the best attention at all times. I am a Therapist who is a true professional.  I will totally respect your confidentiality and right to privacy and anonymity.  I abide by the International Association of Hypnoanalysts code of ethics and practice.



As with Hypno-Analysis I offer a free initial consultation.  After this, with both our agreements, I proceed to offer you weekly sessions.  I work in an eclectic way using either Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psycho-dynamic, Humanistic, Integrative, WSN Counselling & Coaching or Reality Therapy.  All sessions are treated with strict confidentiality.


Please contact Pauline Havelock-Searle
Tel:  020 8723 5840. 



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